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Our programs are tailored individually for each student in accordance to their learning ability and prior driving practise experience from parental guidance.Driving lesson in Perth. Years of teaching has taught us that most students come in with bad driving habits developed from misleading prior guidance (such as gear change and clutch use), therefore we continue to monitor and assess each student’s progress in comparison with assessment standards and develop them with appropriate driving habits

Our instructors are fully qualified level four government licensed instructors with over 25 years experience.

Our Teaching methods include developing:

The Car Craft

  • Satisfactory operation of car controls (Mirrors, indicators, steering, accelerating, braking, hand brakes)
  • Correct operation of clutch and gears
  • Interior accessories.

The Road Craft

  • General knowledge of road rules
  • Developing knowledge and right attitude to speed restrictions
  • Developing a safe and courteous attitude and efficient driving techniques in moving traffic
  • Developing an awareness of  possible hazards and other road users. Many young drivers have accidents due to undeveloped awareness towards road safety.

Learners objectives for knowledge and skills for novice drivers:

  • At the end of a driving course, a novice driver should comprehend and apply the principles of safe driving.
  • Demonstrate consistent use of visual search techniques and allowing of priorities to the whole traffic scene.
  • Communicate intentions/or indicates presence to other road users, adjust speeds to maintain a safety cushion, consider sight distances and personal driving ability.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of procedures, hazards and laws to maintain passage with the traffic flow. Identity the function, location and operation of car controls.
  • Demonstrate the procedures for starting and stopping the car, demonstrate the procedures for leaving and returning to the kerb.(kerb site stopping)
  • Demonstrate the procedures for using accelerator, brake, clutch and gears for efficient car speed control, demonstrating steering so as to maintain a path within the limits of the roadway at all speeds and under all rates of curvature of the road.
  • Demonstrate precise speed and direction control in slow speed manoeuvring (like reverse parking)
  • Demonstrate the procedures for the following traffic skills(like hill starts with hand brake and without) cornering, intersections, traffic lights, roundabouts, bends, lined traffic, lane changing, pedestrian crossings, overtaking, being overtaken, reverse parking.
  • Demonstrate within, the driving procedures the consistent use of visual search, distributing attention and allocating priorities to the whole traffic scene, demonstrating skills related to driving at roadway speeds on typical road surfaces under various traffic and weather conditions, including nighttime driving.
  • Display recognition, assessment and decision making in response to the traffic environment for performing driving action.
  • Identify
  • Predict
  • React on traffic hazards

We teach you how to stay alive on the road!

Special Tips and Techniques

  • Do not drive with the hand brake on
  • Have enough driving practise so you don’t have to keep looking at the controls
  • Steer with your hands on the outside of the steering wheel
  • Check the Mirrors and blind spot before taking off or changing lanes
  • Remember to stay in an appropriate gear when coming to a stop.

A list of errors that can fail you at the assessment

  • Disobeying traffic signs, signals and road markings
  • Performing an illegal manoeuvre or turn
  • Exceeding the speed limit
  • Losing control of your vehicle
  • Failing to give way to a pedestrian or an emergency vehicle
  • Repeatedly not signalling
  • Failing to give way to a pedestrian or an emergency vehicle
  • Refusing to attempt any part of the test
  • Giving way unnecessarily to other vehicles or gap selection
  • Not following directions from testing officer
  • Failing to park reasonably close to the kerb or adjacent vehicle.

We are with you all the way until you pass your exam.

Our Pricing in driving lesson Perth


Preparing for the driving test in Perth trough A- ONE AUTO TRAINING SCHOOL  is easy with our affordable pricing.
We have a flexible price range in most areas to suit your budget.
Our price start from:
Novice driver $50.00 (40-mins)
Intermediate driver Level $60.00 (45-mins)
Advanced Level ready to take the test soon is $65.00 (60-mins) Best value.
If you take a driving lesson on the day of the exam, we will charge you a fee of $180.00 (Best value) that includes
a 1-hour lessons before the test, plus the test. (Pick up and drop off.)
Or just use our Instructors car on your test will cost you $130.00 (pick up only and you find your way home)
To increase your chances to pass is better to have one lesson before the test.
Our driving program has a success rate of 98% , therefore, most of our students pass the
test on first try.
So call us now on 0412 205 166


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