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No matter what type of exam a person has to take, an element of anxiety and self-doubt always comes into play. Driving tests can be even more intimidating than high school exams, because a failed driving test can result in the inability to drive. A-One Auto Training School can make sure that any person passes the driving test Perth with flying colours. In fact, the driving school in Perth has a 98 percent success rate with students who have taken the specially designed driving course. If you have an upcoming driving test in Perth, you can enhance your chances of passing it with one of our highly effective training courses.

What we Teach

Our experienced instructors have been giving driving lessons for over 25 years. Each one of them is certified and government licenced, so that you can have a high level of confidence learning from them. They will teach you the most common mistakes that people make when they drive cars. They will guide you through avoiding errors that may cause you to fail the test. Additionally, our teachers take you through every part of your automatic or manual vehicle, so that you know how to operate it like a champion.

You will learn the basics of accelerating, braking, steering, turning and more. You will learn how to turn on your windscreen wipers, radio, lights, and more. You will gain knowledge of the traffic laws and rules. Furthermore, you will learn the appropriate procedure for making a turn or changing lanes on the road.

Our Pricing

Preparing for the driving test in Perth through our organisation is easy with our affordable pricing. We charge $65 per hour in most areas. If you opt to take driving lesson on the day of the exam, we will charge you a fee of $180 that includes a 1 hour lesson plus the test.  Additionally, you will have a full 1-hour lesson right before your test to increase your chances of coming out a winner. Our driving program has a success rate of 98 percent. Therefore, most of our students pass the test on the first try. Call 0412 205 166 to make an appointment.

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