Frequently Asked Questions

Driving lesson

  1. How Do I Book A Driving Lesson?
    Call us now on 0412 205 166 to make a start.
  2. What Is Your Success Rate?
    98% Success rate on your first attempt at passing the driving test in Perth.
  3. How Many Lessons Will I Need?
    The number of driving lessons varies from student to student. On average a person new to driving would need about 10 lessons from a licensed instructor.
  4. When Can I go for the test?
    If you can smoothly operate and drive your car, put the road rules into practise, fit in with other traffic and see and respond to hazards efficiently then you are ready to book your test date.
  5. Should I practise at home?
    Yes, but be careful since your car doesn’t have dual control.
  6. Can I drive at night as a P Plate Holder?
    P Plate holders cannot drive between 12 am and 5 am for the first 6 months of obtaining the provisional driving license. However exemptions can apply.

Contact the team at A-One Auto Training School for driver training in Perth.

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