Where to sit the driving test in Perth?

if you are ready to sit for your driver’s license test  in Perth, you have nine driving test locations to choose from. Most driving test locations are in the suburbs while one is in Perth itself. The West Perth location for driving tests in Perth is on the corner of Troode Str. and Paistowe Mews. This driving test centre in Perth is open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The other offices are open from 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

In Willagee, the licensing office for driving test Perth is on the corner of Leach Highway and Stock Road. In Welshpool, you will find the driving test office at 21 Murray Road South. In Rockingham, the address is 37 McNicholl Str, which is at the Chalgrove-McNicholl intersection. The Kelmscott office is located at 34 Gillam Drive. The Mandurah driving test office is located at the corner of Ranceby Ave. and Pinjarra Road. The Joondalup office is located at 65 Boas Avenue.

The Midland office is at the Midland Gate Shopping Centre on Cale Street. It does not do vehicle examinations; however. Those are done at the office on 11 Victoria Str. The Morley office is at 63 Russell Street, but you will find parking on Boag Road. There is more driving test in Perth offices than these, but the others do not offer the driving test. It is always worthwhile to double-check your location’s hours and services to be sure that you will get the help you require.

If you are sitting the practical driving test in Perth, you must book it in advance. You can do it online, in person at your nearest office, or by telephone. The number is 13 11 56.

Drivers from another Australian state have three months to update their license after moving. Drivers from other countries can drive on a valid foreign language licence up to three months as well.

To get your learner’s permit, you will have to pass a computerised theory test with 30 multiple choice questions. Once you get your learner’s, you will also get your L license plate. The next step is a six month period where you must log 25 hours or more with your parent or other authorized driver. You must then complete a personal driving test in Perth at one of the listed locations. After this, you must log 25 more hours over a six month period. To get your full license, you must take a computerized Hazard Perception Test.

For more information on sitting a driving test in Perth call A One Auto Training School Perth on 0412 205 166.

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