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Prices at A-One Auto Training School

A-One Auto Training School provides tuition on both Manual and Automatic Cars

that have power steering and air conditioning with dual controls for student safety,

to give you the confidence to pass your driving test at first attempt!

Our lessons include:

  • Regular cab drills
  • Exercises that include Left Something Behind and Parallel, Reverse and Angle Parking
  • Vehicle Management including Flow, Movement and Path Checks.
  • Identifying and Understanding Road Signs
  • Signalling, Mirror checks and Look Behind
  • Examiner’s perspective on the driver’s body language
  • Mock test as per exam conditions
We got a very flexible price to suit all budgets, please check our price to get a better choice!

Prices for driving lessons

Our rates

We don’t offer packages, we got better option that suits your budget and your needs”


* Novice drivers only: $50.00 for 40-mins

* Budget: $60.00 for 45-mins

* Regular: $65.00 per hour (Best Value for money)

* University Students: $63.00 per hour ( Need to show student ID)

Available for non-working university students: Monday to Friday between 9.00-am and 3.00-pm

A-one Auto Training School: 3 x 1 hour ( 180 mins) = $ 195.00 “Best Value”

A-one Auto Training School: 4 x 45 mins ( 180 mins) = $ 240.00 “Novice drivers options”


Special Offer: Book 1.5/h lesson and save $7.5

Excellent student value… more info Please contact us Click here

We got a very flexible price to suit all budgets, please check our price to get a better choice!

Discount for Log book: Book 25- log book hours for only $1.500 and you save $250


Licence Test fees

On The Day Of Your Exam
You must be pre-booked with Dept. of Transport: 131156 – Click Here To Book Online


Lesson + Test- $ 180.00 ( Lesson and Use Instructor’s Car for your Test, pick up and drop you home after Test)

This is the best value for money: you will have time to learn the test arias, so you will be more confident to take the test!


Test only + Use Instructors Car: $ 130.00 ( we pick up you and after the test find your own way home)

2-hours at the normal rate of $130.00

* Novice drivers only special covers:

* We choice a safe and quiet location on your first two lessons, so we can focus on your skills

* Vehicle management, operational control, steering, lane keeping, left turns, right turns,

blind spots,k erbside stopping moving off.

*Manual driver will become confident and skilful in clutch control,

and understanding friction point, clutch coasting, and smooth gear changing.

* We teach you the proper way so you won’t stall the car and having kangaroo hops at Traffic!


Call us now on: 08-9490 8088 or 0412 205 166 to make a start.

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